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Updated 08-15-13
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Updated 02-17-13
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Updated 02-09-13

2013 Football Season in Full Swing!

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Mata Stadium - FOOTBALL IS AMONG US! The JFK Rockets have kicked off the 2013 football campaign with boosters set at full throttle. The Rockets have worked hard through the off-season and during the summer and are excited about the upcoming season. Look for another great season as the Rockets work towards a district title and playoff berth. Click Here For more about football team

Lady Rockets Start Season with a Bang at Edgewood Tournament!


Edgewood Gym - Led by a posse of new coaches, the Lady Rockets are poised to do great things as the 2013 volleyball season begins. A renewed confidence and sparkling attitude has the ladies working hard. Look for the Lady Rockets to explode on the 29-4a district! Click Here for more photos

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Updated 02-08-12
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Updated 02-08-11
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Updated 02-17-13
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Updated 12-08-10
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Updated 02-08-12
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Updated 02-08-11
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Updated 12-08-10
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