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City of Elsa History

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    Elsa City History HTML


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  • An examination of the events that unfolded and led to the creation of the city of Elsa, Texas

    Some of the images and historical information about Elsa, Texas was borrowed from www.kenanderson.net

    Elsa Historical Photography

    Past (1927)

  • Elsa Land Sale 1
  • Elsa Land Sale 2
  • Past (1950s-1960s)

  • Delta Area Church
  • Delta Lake Photo
  • Modern School in Delta Area
  • United Fruit & Food Corp.
  • Lutheran Church
  • Methodist Church in Delta Area
  • Texas Plastics Plant of Elsa
  • Elsa Chamber of Commerce Flyer Pic 1
  • Elsa Chamber of Commerce Flyer Pic 2
  • Present

  • Old E-E High School Pic 1 (S.A.I.L. Center)
  • Old E-E High School Pic 2 (S.A.I.L. Center)
  • Elsa Warehouse Pic 1
  • Elsa Warehouse Pic 2
  • Elsa Packing Shed
  • Elsa R.R. Tracks eastward
  • Elsa R.R. Tracks westward
  • Elsa Silo Pic 1
  • Elsa Silo Pic 2
  • Elsa Water Tower

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