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American History: 1492-1877

Online Powerpoint Lessons

Powerpoint Lessons (HTML Format)

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  • Important Dates

  • Review 1607, 1776, 1787, 1803, 1861-65

  • Presidential Review

  • Review the first 16 Presidents--Washington to Lincoln

  • Economics 101

  • Review basic concepts of Economics

  • Triangular Trade

  • Discuss the trade routes that forced many Africans into slavery and eventually have to endure a stretch of ocean known as the Middle Passage.

    13 Colonies
  • Life in the Colonies

  • Review what life was like for a person living in on of the 13 original colonies.

    13 Colonies
  • New England Colonies

  • Middle Colonies

  • Southern Colonies

  • Review the details, facts, and features of the 13 original colonies.

  • French and British Clash

  • The war between the French and the British (French and Indian War) over claims for the American territories.

    First Steps towards Independence
  • Road to Independence

  • Building Colonial Unity

  • Move Towards Independence

  • Review the early events that would eventually persuade many Americans that was necessary to unite in favor of a common cause--independence.

  • American Revolution

  • After nearly two decades of taxation without representation and other acts of violence, many were persuaded to take up arms against the tyrannical King George.

  • Forming a New Nation

  • The patriots have mustered a spectacular victory against the British and now must lay down the foundation for the future of the United States of America.

    US Constitution
  • Goals and Principles

  • Bill of Rights

  • First Amendment

  • Review the creation and features of the US Constitution.

  • Checks and Balances

  • Discuss some of the major features of the Us Government (how a bill becomes a law and the system of Checks and Balances).

  • Thomas Jefferson

  • Review the beliefs and policies of Thomas Jefferson during his presidency

  • Alexander Hamilton

  • Discuss how Alexander Hamilton revolutionized America while serving as the Secretary of Treasury.

  • Political Parties

  • Discuss the formation of the Federalist and Republican political parties

  • War of 1812

  • Discuss the main battles and outcomes of the War of 1812

  • Growth & Expansion

  • Discuss the economic growth that occured in the US which ultimately inspired an industrial revolution. Furthermore, explore the extent of the westward expansion for the US settlers.

  • Andrew Jackson

  • Nicknamed "old hickory", Andrew Jackson was know for being a stern man. The old fighter was responsible for his policies about the Indians and his ability to keep the US together despite arguements over states' rights.

  • Manifest Destiny

  • Discuss the popular belief that it was the destiny of the U.S. to control and expand all throughout North America.

  • North & South

  • Discuss the distinct differences of the North and South in regards to their people, economy, and beliefs.

    Civil War
  • Road to the Civil War

  • The Civil War

  • Discuss the early events leading to the Civil War as well as the actual battles and stuggles endured by both sides.

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