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School-Related Webpages

  • EEISD Webpages
    District Webpage
  • EEISD Webpages
  • EEISD Webpages
    E-E High-School
  • EEISD Webpages
    Carlos F. Truan Jr. High
  • EEISD Webpages
    6th Grade Middle School
  • Llano Grande Center
    Center for Research and Development
  • Grinnell College
    College Home Page
  • Grinnell College
    Athletics Webpage
  • Grinnell College
    Admission Webpage

  • History Webpages

  • Online Site for 1st Amendment Issues
    First Amendment Center
  • Free Speech Clause
    First Amendment (speech)
  • Cornell Law School
    First Amendment Clause
  • Historical Image Database
    Images of American Political History
  • US Goverment
    Ben's Guide: Branches of Goverment
  • American Revolution
    Complete History of American Revolution
  • US Presidents
    Portraits of US Presidents

  • Resources Webpages

  • Powerpoint Resource; Sound FX, WAV, WAVE, etc.
    Sound Dogs Audio Downloads
  • Powerpoint Resource: Clip Art
    Microsoft Office Clip Art
  • Powerpoint Resource: WAV/Sound Database
  • Basic HTML Guide Book
    Sam Rebelsky's HTML webpage
  • Random Media giveaway by Sean
    Sean Dempsey's Webpage

  • Miscellaneous Webpages

  • Free Rock E-mail
    www.rock.com E-mail
  • Free e-Smurfs E-mail
    Mushroom Village Email
  • Free Fonts Webpage
    Search Free Fonts

  • Random ("i'm bored") Webpages

  • Humor: Joe Cartoon AtomFilms
  • Grinnell's very own Kevin Cannon and his website
    Johnny Cavalier Comic strip
  • Silly Superstitions

  • Ford Truck Enthusiasts

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