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In reference to what occurred after a cut:

"I cut my hand and I started to bleed blood."

-Carlos Garcia

If you bleed anything else besides blood, then a cut hand is probably the least of your problems. ~Perales

cut on finger

In reference why the stock-show is so appealing:

"Because we are still kids, and we like to pet the animals."


Did you pet the zoo animals before your bottle of milk or after? ~Perales

petting zoo

In reference to the book reading race in his 7th pd. class. Each class was at a certain page:

"Guys, we better hurry, because 7th period class is beating us."

-Jose Arellano

Aren't you in 7th period reading? ~Perales

Luis Escobedo's explanation for missing an easy basketball free throw shot during a review game:

"Guys, I couldn't help it! Jennifer was over there, ah uah, ehaha ehoua, sticking out her tongue ring and she licked my ear."

-Luis Escobedo

Not sure what to say about that one... ~Perales

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