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City of Elsa History

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Elsa history

History of the Elsa, Texas

Elsa history 01

Founders, William and Elsie George, purchase the land

Elsa history 02

George Family lives in the area, but eventually decides to develop the land (clear it) and prepare it for subdivision.

Elsa history 03

The decision to subdivide coincides with the move to build a new railway between Edinburg and Harlingen.

Elsa history 04

George lobbies and manages to have the railway built through his property. The value of land increases.

Elsa history 05

The sale of land in Elsa begins in March of 1927 -- Elsa is born!

Elsa history 06

With the railway, business in Elsa thrives. Elsa experiences a period of fast growth.

Elsa history 07

Property was donated and a new school was built for the area.

Elsa history 08

The railway serves as a means for segregation. The divide set the Hispanic community in the North and the Anglo community in the South.

Elsa history 09

Hispanics endure unfair treatment while living in Elsa. For example, a siren at dusk that would alert the hispanic community that it was time to return back to North Elsa.

Elsa history 10

Elsa experienced rapid growth! Why didn't the growth continue?

Elsa history 11

Basic statistical information about the Elsa, Texas

Some of the images and historical information about Elsa, Texas was borrowed from www.kenanderson.net

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