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Microsoft Word Lessons & Resources

Resources Page (lessons, documents, etc.)

Administrative Documents

As of June 8th, all of these documents will be available @ www.teacherspayteachers.com for a nominal fee. Feel free to visit the site and look for my screen name aaperales.

Class Syllabus

  • American History I (1492-1877) Syllabus (36K)
  • Assessment Documents

  • Group Presentation Rubric (27K)
  • Classroom Activities

  • Class Time-Line Project Template (35K)
  • Guess the Amendment: First Amendment (32K)
  • Guess the Amendment Game: All (44K)
  • 13 Colonies Chart (24K)
  • Governmental Track & Field Instructions (38K)
  • Governmental Track & Field Score Sheet (16K)
  • Colonial Town Planner Group Project (32K)
  • Colonial Town Planner Group Project Extra(28K)
  • Classroom Lessons

  • Top-Secret Year-End Review (650K)
  • Early American Explorers (27K)
  • Marbury vs. Madison Case Background (64K)
  • Marbury vs. Madison Skit (64K)
  • Presidential Fact Sheet [1-16] (56K)
  • Presidential Flash Cards [1-16] (645K)
  • President's Day Class Trivia & Puzzle (36K)
  • Classroom Management Documents

  • Student Records Information Sheet Template (35K)
  • Attendance & Grade Log Template (68K)
  • Traditional Seating Chart (31K)
  • Behavioral Management Documents

  • Education & Behavior Contract (40K)
  • Incident Report Template (28K)
  • Student Problem-Solving Essay (22K)
  • Tardy Slip Template (31K)
  • First Parent Notice (25K)
  • Second Parent Notice (25K)

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