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Delta Area -- Edcouch-Elsa History

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    History of the Delta Area PDF(0.43 MB)

  • A brief introduction to the history of the region (Rio Grande Valley) prior to the establishment of the cities of Edcouch and Elsa. (Texas)

    Delta Area Historical Photography

  • Llano Grande Delta Area History Preview
  • Clearing the Area (1920s)
  • Clearing the Land 2
  • Land Party (1920s)
  • Promoting the Valley (1920s)
  • Selling of Elsa (1927)
  • Sale of Elsa Advertisement (1927)
  • E-E Drill Team (1940s-50s)
  • Elsa Parade (1940s)
  • Temple Lumber Company (1940s)
  • Vahlsing Packing Shed (1940s)
  • E-E H.S. Twirlers (1940s)
  • Elsa Feed and Seed (1950s)
  • Tomato Fiesta Parade (1940s)
  • Elsa Tomato Fiesta (1950s)
  • Elsa VFD (1950s)
  • E-E Senior Class (1950s)
  • Sinclair Gas Station (1950s)
  • Tropic Theater Opening (1950s)
  • Elsa (1940s)
  • Edcouch Mexican School (1940s)
  • Negro Troops in Field (Elsa - 1942)
  • N. Edcouch School Faculty (1947-48)
  • Elsa Downtown (1950s)
  • Frozen Orchards (1953)
  • Reviving the Orchard (1953)
  • Dead Mexicans Bandits

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